Save Money on Your Remodeling Project

Save money on my remodel project

“Don’t skimp on the design help”

You walk into your remodeled home and everything is done to perfection! The lights look great, appliances are functional and sleek and the countertops are the center of attention. Your thinking wow I was also able to save money on my remodel and come in way below budget!

Sadly, this is not the norm.  Most people are looking around and trying to find flaws and making mountains out of mole hills. Some look around and just see the cost add up in their heads and wonder why was it so expensive! “I wanted to save money on my remodel project but I went way over budget.” This shock and awe is because they didn’t prepare themselves properly and research or talk to professionals and ask the right questions. One major piece of advice that perspective remodelers need to hear is “Don’t skimp on the design help!”

Why? “I can do the research and learn all about this stuff, right?” Most of us have very busy lives and do not have the time or energy to complete all the research and learn every aspect of a remodeling project. A designer, architect or engineer does have that time because it is their job to be the subject matter expert.  They are trained to make projects happen as smoothly as possible and be as up to date with all the codes, systems and new materials that are available. Another topic that is over looked in the construction process, the designer is relied upon more than the actual construction team. The construction team installs and follows the designers and clients plans. So they rely on you and designer.  A good designer will know the project all the way around and have a great deal of knowledge to rely on and be the funnel for all that information. Trying to save money by doing this research and understanding the complexity of a remodel or new construction alone is overwhelming. The best way to actually save money and time is let a designer help create efficiency and the problems will be avoided or taken care correctly and you will be informed before the problem escalates to an unmanageable level. Trying to cut out the design help can lead to more frustration in the end and more dollars spent fixing mistakes. To read about our designers go to

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  • Yvonne November 13, 2015  

    You will find also hidden waste costs which rely on the neubmr of cuts need to be produced in a slab of granite. With respect to the entire counter top and also the cuts that has to be managed to get can add up to around three sq ft of waste. You need to discuss this using the contractor prior to the counter top is installed.