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10 Creative Bathroom Storage Trends You’ll Want to Try Next

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that there is always too much stuff in a bathroom and nowhere to put it all.

But wait, don’t throw it all out just yet! That expensive body lotion you got for your birthday two years ago but have been saving for a special occasion doesn’t have to be wasted. You deserve to have all the supplies you need, and your bathroom should work for you to keep it that way.

We’ve designed bathrooms specifically to meet people’s practical needs while also being indulgent; you can check out some of these remodels in our portfolio. But if you’re looking for quick and simple storage ideas, try out these 10 bathroom storage trends and see if your bathroom has a little more room than you thought.

1. The Back of a Door is Your Friend

We’ll start with a fairly simple bathroom storage solution, because if you haven’t gotten on board this trend yet, it’s time to catch up! Bathroom storage is all about getting some value out of what used to be worthless space.

Most vanities are equipped with two cabinet doors. Adding a simple hanging basket to the inside of each door provides a hidden yet efficient space, perfect for your bulkier items or daily go-to’s. Hanging shelves have been around for a while, but this customizable Over The Door basket let’s you adjust the baskets to fit your needs.

2. Friends in High Places

Speaking of making previously worthless space have value, bathroom walls can also share in the mission of letting you keep your self-pampering needs, and they can look good doing it. Stacked shelves create a useful and visually appealing space for common bathroom supplies high on an unused bathroom wall.

Open shelving is less bulky than installing full cabinetry, and can be an opportunity to show off clean towels and other décor such as baskets or plants. If nothing else, it makes it easy for guests to find more toilet paper without having to rummage through your bathroom vanity.

While you may not be able to pack as much into an open shelf as you could behind closed doors, installing shelves high on a wall is still a great way to add more storage for bathrooms in unexpected places.

3. Ladders, But Not For Climbing

A storage trend becoming more and more popular is the use of towel ladders. While also open display, ladders take up very little space as they lean against an open wall. This can be a great option if you want to get more out of your wall than just a simple towel rack. Not only do these ladders have multiple rungs to hang multiple items on, but some even come with a shelf subtly built in for larger items.

Ladders also have the added benefit of being moveable, so if you are wary of putting permanent holes in your wall for towel racks, you can test out multiple spots for towel ladders because you can move it around.

4. A Different Kind of Bar for Bathroom Storage

If you never thought a ladder would be good for bathroom storage, how about a bar cart? Typically used for boozy beverages, a bar cart can be repurposed to hold towels, cleaning supplies, everyday use items, and so on.

5. More Than Just A Mirror

If you have a full-length mirror or just want a way to justify having one in the bathroom, a nifty DIY storage idea is to build a wall mirror with hidden shelving, such as this one. Full length mirrors also make your bathroom LOOK bigger. Which will, in turn, make it look less cluttered.

6. Put Lazy Susan to Work

Another repurposed item that can be great as an unexpected bathroom storage solution is a Lazy Susan. Great for under-the-counter organization, these old turntables invented for food can make it much easier to find cleaning supplies, soaps, or lotions instead of pulling everything out of your vanity to see what’s hiding behind.

7. Cabinet Within a Cabinet

While baskets used to be the storage trend for holding all your small items, who wants to pull a basket out of a cabinet and dig around to find what you need? Instead, consider putting a small set of drawers inside a cabinet or vanity to hold small items. Each drawer can be labeled so everything is neatly stashed away and easy to access without cluttering the space you have.

8. Double Up on Shower Rods

I don’t suggest getting two shower curtains, but another shower rod might be a useful storage idea. Equipped with S-hooks and hung at the back of your shower, shower rods can be used to hang loofahs, baskets, or extra shower caddies for additional storage.

If you have children or are just very passionate about having ten different haircare products, this can be a great way to maximize shower space without changing anything permanently.

9. Hiding in The Corner Is a Good Thing

Another great idea for storage for bathrooms is similar to a shower rod, only vertical. If you have an empty corner in your shower or tub, try out corner shower shelving, which can provide multiple shelves without being in the way.

10. When All Else Fails, Build In

Rounding out our list of bathroom storage solutions, a popular trend is building recessed shelves into the walls of your shower. Not only is this visually appealing, but it utilizes otherwise blank space to create a purposeful space for shower items. This is a great example of storage ideas and shower shelving put to work for a family.

Sometimes you have to get creative with bathroom storage when space is limited, but listening to these 10 bathroom storage trends could help you get the most out of the space you have.

Need some more ideas? Here’s a great video packed with additional ideas for organizing your bathroom:

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