10 Helpful Entryway and Mudroom Tips

10 Helpful Entryway and Mudroom Storage Tips

Nothing disrupts a household’s flow more than clutter, especially in the entryway.

Imagine that you enter your home and the first thing you see are items scattered all over the foyer’s floor. After taking a deep breath, you set a dripping umbrella down, pull off your boots, and then tiptoe around shoes and bags and jackets. As a result, every day you say, “I wish we had somewhere to put all of that stuff.”

The solution to your messy entry is a mudroom remodel.

What is a mud room? According to Merriam-Webster’s, a mudroom is a room in a house designed especially for the shedding of dirty or wet footwear and clothing and located typically off the kitchen or in the basement. They are especially popular in regions that undergo seasonal weather changes, such as Pennsylvania.

Regardless of your climate or the size of your space, you’ll make your home’s entrance more functional and attractive by incorporating helpful features. Browse our top design advice to create your dream entryway on any budget.

10 Elements of an Efficient Entryway or Mudroom + 1 Bonus Idea

1. Durable Floor

Entryway flooring needs to be long-lasting, easy to clean, and attractive. Another thing to consider is installing radiant heat to make chilly toes nice and toasty. Here are several flooring options for your entry space.

  • Ceramic or porcelain tile. Tile is a sensible flooring option for an entry because it won’t scratch or stain, it resembles wood or stone, and is easy to clean.
Minneapolis Charmer
  • Natural stone. One of the benefits of natural stone flooring—such as slate, marble, and travertine—is its unique beauty. When sealed properly natural stone is very durable and easy to maintain. Therefore, natural stone is perfect for high traffic areas like entryways.
  • Wood. Hardwood floors are a timeless choice and will stand up well to heavy traffic. Wood flooring does tend to show wear-and-tear over time. You should consider adding a rug to prevent water damage.

    Extra tip: A throw rug, made of a washable material and in a pretty pattern, is a practical way to add personality to your entryway.

Classy Cottage
  • Brick. Add some sophistication to your entryway with a brick floor. This extremely durable material can be laid out in intriguing designs like a herringbone pattern.
Fox Hollow Residence
  • Vinyl or linoleum. These options will not last as long as some of the other suggestions, but they are inexpensive, durable, simple to clean, and virtually maintenance-free.
Savage Marmoleum Entry

2. Lighting

A crucial element often overlooked in mudroom design is lighting. Several light sources should be installed in an entryway to provide the optimal function and ambiance.

Entance Hall/Mudroom

3. Hooks and Racks

Wall hooks and pegs provide a convenient place to hang up coats, hats, and backpacks. Also, they allow wet items to air-dry properly. Even small entry areas can benefit from adding a simple row of hooks.

Extra tip: Install multiple rows of hooks at varying heights to maximize wall space and encourage kids to hang up their gear.

Urban Farmhouse

4.  Bench

A custom-built bench (or a folding stool for small spots) is helpful for putting on or taking off footwear. And benches with a flip-up seat provide extra hidden storage.

Extra tip: Put a boot tray underneath to catch drips and keep your floor clean.

Massachusetts Farm House

5. Cubbies or Lockers

The ultimate mudroom for a busy family features a set of floor-to-ceiling cubbies or lockers. Most noteworthy, built-in storage units maximize every available inch and add value to your home. Designate one for each family member so everyone has their own area.

Wynnewood PA Residence

6. Bins, Baskets, and Airtight Containers

Cold weather outerwear such as hats, gloves, and scarves need to go somewhere: Bins and baskets help corral the clutter. In addition, you can safely stash bulky items like ice melts, litter box filler, and pet food in airtight containers.

Charming Minneapolis Bungalow

7. Closet

If space permits, enclosed storage is a great place to hide bulky and off-season items. And, if you prefer a modern look, closets provide a more streamlined design.

Sturbridge Remodel

8. Laundry Machines

Homeowners want laundry machines in more practical places than their basement. As a result, combination mud / laundry rooms are now common. Think of the convenience: Family members can drop their dirty duds directly into a washing machine instead of dragging dirt through your entire home.

Minneapolis Remodel/Addition

9. Sink

By its very nature, a mudroom attracts dirt. Therefore, it only makes sense to include a feature that minimizes the mess. An entryway sink is useful for washing your hands after working outdoors, cleaning up crafts, and soaking stains.

Street of Dreams 2013: TTM Custom Home

10.  Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Because a mudroom is often the easiest space to clean, you may want to make it your pet’s main hangout place. Here are some ideas for a pet-friendly entry.

  • Give your pet free access into the mudroom from the outside with a dog or cat door.
  • Install a childproof gate between the entry and main part of the home to contain dirt to one area.
  • Make your furry friend comfortable by adding a special bed or litter box near the door.
  • Hose off your pet’s paws in an oversized sink or shower stall.
The Cottage

Bonus Tip: Install a full-length mirror near the door for last minute outfit checks.

In conclusion, you can transform any size entry into a stylish and well-organized drop spot by incorporating smart design elements. An experienced designer will listen to your needs, evaluate your space, and suggest products and layouts that will make the most of your resources.

Are you having trouble envisioning what your mudroom could look like? We can help with that: Computer generated images will enable you to see your beautiful new entryway.

The professional design and installation team at Harrisburg Kitchen and Bath are ready to get you started on your dream mudroom. Contact us today.

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