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The 11 Best Interior Design Trends You Need to Follow

Design trends change from year to year, decade to decade. Most will agree that what was once trendy will become trendy again, and it still stands true today.

Home design trends cover everything across the board from kitchen remodeling to bathroom remodeling and even the way we see home storage. Given the design trends that are out there right now, here are the best interior design trends we think you need to follow to create that personal, unique oasis in your home.

1. Natural Elements

More and more, we’re seeing natural accents. These accents vary from colors to textures to materials. 

Metals that reflect earth tones are the preference, and colors that seem to bring the outdoors inside create warmth. Living walls are just another way that nature is making its mark.

Add the way lighting is changing, and you’ve got a host of natural elements everywhere you look.

2. Unique Lighting Fixtures

People are turning to artisanal lighting fixtures to create a more original look in their homes. That means industrial lighting is on its way out, while more unique lighting is on its way in.

Vintage lighting that has been modernized is in demand. Designs of times past are unique in today’s time, and so people want to incorporate that into their homes.

3. The Plush of Velvet

Velvet is a prime example of what was once old and stuffy is now new again. The fabric has come to be warm and inviting as of late.

Interior designers are selecting velvet décor because of the luxury it portrays. As the material returns to the mainstream once again, you can expect to find it in bold and rich colors.

4. Bold Colors

According to Forbes, people want more colors in their homes. Your home has become something that reflects who you are as opposed to something you might have seen in a catalog.

As an example, Living Coral is the name of the color that was declared Color of the Year for 2019. It’s bright, fun, and can be used in a variety of ways. It functions well as an accent color as well as a primary color for your décor.

5. Earthy Tones and Florals

Tonal reds and greens are at the center of interior design this year, alongside desert tones. People want the warmth that comes with these colors.

Florals, although having been around for quite some time, are modern and fresh. When added to the earthy tones, it creates a natural oasis you feel happy to come home to.

6. Copper and Brass Accents

Copper is the metal of the time. Its warm tones nod, yet again, to the natural elements that people want to see in their homes.

As brass also comes center-stage again, especially in bathroom remodeling, you’ll notice a more elegant feel as brass creates a luxurious look in any bathroom.

7. Patterns

Geometric patterns are on-trend right now. You can find patterns in wallpaper and tiles that can complement the colors in your home.

Agate wallpaper is especially in demand as it has a sort of natural pattern that not only feeds the desire for patterns, but also for natural elements inside your home.

8. Concrete Tiles

Concrete has been making its way into our homes in distinct ways for a while, but it has even more functionality now.

Recently, it’s all about concrete tiles. That can mean a kitchen table, scored floors, and more. Concrete’s sturdiness has made it a desirable part of your home.

9. Matte Finishes

When something is painted, you want to make sure you have a matte finish. Not only is the finish more relaxed than a high-shine finish, but it also nods to technological advancements.

A matte patina also comes off as quiet and cool as opposed to being loud in a room where you might not want that type of effect.

10. Garage Design

Who would have thought garages had their interior design trends? Well, they do!

You’ll find that more people are incorporating a drain in their garage floor when they can because it makes life easier when it comes to keeping it clean.

Something else you’ll find is a significant upgrade to aesthetics a garage typically offers. That means finished floors that look amazing.

Garage storage also comes into play with the installation of cabinets to create a fully finished look.

11. Kitchen Trends

When you think about the best interior design trends for kitchen remodeling, you can come up with an entire list of ideas, but knowing what is trending helps to decide what you want versus what you think you want.

Open shelving is huge and commonly replacing typical cabinets to create a cleaner look. If you do keep your cabinets, consider incorporating color into your kitchen that way. 

Another trend in the kitchen is concealment. You’ll find that cabinets are concealed, as are appliances. Your refrigerator or microwave and countertops with induction cooktops can appear so seamless in your kitchen that you won’t be able to see them.

The Face of Luxury and the Best Interior Design

When you’ve decided you want to do a complete makeover on your home, or even a partial makeover, being able to combine luxury with the best interior design isn’t an easy task.

For some people, designing their home is challenging at best, and that’s where we’re here to help. At Harrisburg Kitchen and Bath, we work with interior designers that can create your oasis tailored uniquely to you.

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