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14 Kitchen Design Trends in 2023

14 Kitchen Design Trends in 2023

14 Kitchen Design Trends in 2023

Imagine your dream kitchen. What do you see?

A spacious island? Decorate lighting? Plenty of storage?

Whether you're building new, remodeling an existing kitchen, or refreshing a few pieces - It's important to consider what elements you'd like to include before getting started.

To spark inspiration - we've gathered a list of 14 of the most-desired kitchen features & trends we're seeing in Central PA homes in 2023.


1. Multifunctional Island

Looking for more surface area, seating, and storage? A kitchen island can help.

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home & many homeowners in 2023 are selecting larger islands to incorporate dining and entertainment into the kitchen vs a formal dining room.


2. Maximizing Light

Light & airy kitchens are evergreen, but designers are seeing an increased interest in adding elements to add more light to the room.

Elements such as windows, custom lighting, & light hues are great options to boost the glow of your kitchen.

3. Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are the perfect mix of fun and function. They allow you to add a little character to your kitchen and provide an easy-to-clean surface for any messes from cooking.

Subway tile remains the top choice for most homeowners, but slab backsplashes are rising in popularity.


4. Integrated Range Hoods

Another functional and appealing element is a range hood.

Range hoods come in many different styles, but the current trend leans towards a minimal, integrated style where the hood blends in with the surrounding cabinetry.



5. Mixed Metals

2023 is poised to see a lot more blending of metallic finishes in the kitchen.

Instead of choosing just one finish - try mixing finishes, such as gold and bronze, throughout the space to create a rich, inviting look.


6. Specialized Storage

Custom cabinets, deep drawers, dividers, and inserts allow you to organize anything from spices to pots and pans.

Yorktowne Cabinetry offers a variety of stylish storage options to make your home both functional and beautiful.

During an In-Home Consultation - our Harrisburg Kitchen and Bath design team can work with you to develop the best design for your organizational needs.

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7. Statement Light Fixtures

Central Pennsylvania homeowners are falling for light fixtures that add a “wow” factor. More than just a light source, larger lights are a décor focal point.

For maximum impact, use statement fixtures in a central area—such as over an island or dining room table or in an entrance.



8. Smart Technology & Appliances

We use technology in most aspects of our lives - why not bring it into the kitchen?

From a smart screen that can display recipes on tap, to a fridge that can track ingredients, smart appliances can make your life easier.


9. Pops of Color

If you like the sleek look of a white kitchen, but want to add a little something special to your kitchen, consider incorporating small pops of color.

Popular colors in 2023 include dark greens, warm neutrals, & soft pinks.


10. Bold Marble

Quartz is sleek, versatile, & durable - so it's not hard to see why it has become a popular choice for countertops & kitchen islands.

Some homeowners have even chosen to use bold marble as a backsplash to increase the visual contrast in their space.


11. Walk-In Pantry

Transform a mess into a storage success with a walk-in pantry.

A pantry makes cooking a breeze by providing organized storage for ingredients and a place to store appliances that would otherwise take up valuable workspace.



12. Sink Workstations

The NAHB identified side-by-side double sinks as one of the most-wanted kitchen features.

Double sinks allow for simultaneous tasks such as food preparation and cleaning. The built-in ledge is perfect when using items such as colanders & dish racks.


13. Streamlined Layout

Choosing the products for your dream kitchen is exciting - but you can't ignore the overall design of your kitchen.

A properly planned floorplan impacts your overall enjoyment of the space far more than any other element.

The primary tasks in the kitchen are carried out between the cooktop, stove, & refrigerator - a.k.a. the work triangle. An effective work triangle keeps all stations within easy reach & helps to minimize conflicts.



14. Enclosed Trash & Recycling 

Trash & Recycling bins take up valuable floor place & can often produce unwanted odors.

Hidden storage can easily mitigate these issues. Custom cabinets, like in the kitchen island shown below, can include compartments for your waste containers.



In conclusion, the sky is the limit when it comes to outfitting your dream kitchen with everything you desire.

If you're ready for your new kitchen but don't know where to start, we're here to help!

Schedule a consultation with our design team. We will listen to your ideas and offer our expert advice.

For more inspiration, check out our portfolio!

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