3 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of Home Improvement Shows

3 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of Home Improvement Shows

Watcher Beware: Secrets of Home Improvement Shows

What do you get when you take homeowners with an outdated space and add a talented host and the magic of television? Answer: You get an hour-long episode of entertaining reality television. What’s missing? The truth.

The television world is fantasy, and reality shows are no exception.

Home improvement programs, like those seen on HGTV and the DIY Network, are fun to watch and influencing a surge in remodeling projects. Industry experts call this phenomenon the HGTV Effect.

Unfortunately, the “reality” shows are also giving people unrealistic expectations of what can be accomplished in terms of time and budget. In an effort to counteract some of the HGTV Effect’s negative influence on the home improvement industry, we’d like to discuss three behind-the-scenes secrets you won’t see on reality TV.

3 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of Home Improvement Shows

1. Remodel Time Frames Are Rushed

Through the magic of television, a home remodel is completed in three to seven days. This causes some homeowners to question why a contractor has told them their project will take a couple of weeks if not months depending on how extensive the remodel.

What you don’t see on television is the tremendous behind-the-scenes effort. The timetable for a show is altered and rushed. Programs have a large staff comprised of various departments working around-the-clock to accomplish what you see on TV. This is not how a real life remodel works.

2. Renovation Budgets Are Inaccurate

In addition to presenting unrealistic time frames, home improvement shows also make people to think projects can be completed much cheaper than possible.

What shows aren’t telling you is they use cost-cutting resources such as cheap or volunteer labor and low cost or donated materials. These factors enable final renovation costs to be significantly lower than they’d be in real life.

3. Story Lines Are Embellished 

Home renovations look so easy on TV. Projects move quickly and smoothly from start to finish, and the results are always stunning. The truth is many shows stage the spaces with lavish furnishings for the big reveal, but these items are removed after the cameras stop rolling.

It would be nice for jobs to always run smoothly, and occasionally they do, but with remodeling there are usually unexpected hiccups: from finding a problem behind walls or under flooring to product delays. Television shows edit out or exaggerate problems and homeowners’ reactions for maximum entertainment factor.

Watch Shows for Fun and Then Consult the Pros

Home improvement shows are not an accurate representation of a real life remodel. But we aren’t saying you shouldn’t watch them. We are saying you should be aware that what you see on TV is an edited version of a scripted situation.

Home improvement programs are a great place to get inspiration and be entertained. Watch shows for fun, not for an education.

Television shows may not be the solution to your home improvement needs, but don’t despair. There is a real life solution you can trust: your local design-build firm.

A design-build firm will walk you through the remodeling process from start to finish and treat your project like it’s their own. Hopefully, no unexpected issues arise, but it’s best to be mentally and financially prepared in case something surfaces. An experienced design-build firm is ready to help you.

Would you like to see what a real home improvement looks like?

This video shows work being done day by day and step by step. This is remodeling in real life!

3 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of Home Improvement ShowsHarrisburg Kitchen and Bath is an experienced design-build firm you can trust. Give us a call.


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