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6 Exciting Walk-In Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

6 Exciting Walk-In Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

Transform Your Shower Experience with These Refreshing Features

People in central Pennsylvania are craving change. After nor'easters, snowfall, and frigid temperatures, winter-weary residents are ready for warmer weather.

On the bright side, enduring dreary conditions does make you appreciate the sunshine more. Think about the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” It encourages us to be patient because better things are just around the corner.

Speaking of showers and positive changes, spring is a great time to start a home improvement project. Imagine stepping through a door in your greater Harrisburg area home that leads to a quiet, spa-like sanctuary where you can get centered in the morning and wash away the stress at the end of the day.

Whether your bathroom is small or spacious, with careful planning and design, in all likelihood, it can include a walk-in shower.

You can customize walk-in showers with a variety of exciting design elements.

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Here’s some guidance from Harrisburg Kitchen & Bath Designers:

1. Shower Shape

The space you have available will mainly determine the size of your walk-in shower. But the possibilities for the shape are as vast as your imagination. What shape will your walk-in shower be: rectangular, square, diamond, curved, or even a custom shape?

2. Glass Enclosure

If you want to give your bathroom the illusion of more space and show off that gorgeous tile wall, transparent glass panels are the way to go. A glass enclosure also gives your bathroom a more modern, spa-like feel. Do you love glass but want more privacy? Try a frosted effect.

3. Showerheads

Showerheads are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes. There are wall-mounted stationary styles, adjustable handheld heads, body spray fixtures, and ceiling mounted rainfall versions. You can include any combination of showerheads to get the shower experience you desire.

4. Lighting

When you’re designing your walk-in shower, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of good lighting. This design element affects the overall look of your bathroom and how functional it is for everyday use. Incorporating a variety of different types of lighting is best. For example, bright recessed task lights get you moving in the morning, and softer mood lighting is optimal for soothing showers before bed.

5. Storage Niches

How many items do you store in your shower? Think about it: shampoo and conditioner, body washes, razors, and soap – they all need to go somewhere. Shower wall niches just might turn out to be your favorite feature. These recessed storage solutions come in all shapes, sizes, and styles and can be hidden out of sight or become the main focal point with accent tile.

6. Seating

Another popular walk-in shower option is some type of seating. This feature is ideal for people who want or need to sit in the shower and for women who want a foot prop when shaving their legs. A bench or fold-down seat is sure to make everyone happy.

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