7 Smart Ideas for a Picture-Perfect Pantry

It doesn’t take much for a kitchen pantry to become a disorderly dumping ground. Luckily, you can easily transform the mess into storage success by taking a few proactive steps.

Custom pantry

Photo by Marie Newton, Closets Redefined

First, you may be asking, what is a pantry?

A pantry is a room or closet where food, beverages, dishes and utensils, cleaning supplies, linens, and/or appliances are stored.

As you can see, there aren’t any strict rules about the size of the area or what you can keep there. This is great news because it means your pantry can be customized to suit your home and lifestyle.

With this liberating knowledge, how should you begin creating your dream walk-in pantry?

Getting started is easy and fun. Simply search for ideas that catch your attention. Collect these “Pantry Design Wishes” in an online or real-life folder. These inspiring ideas will come in handy later.

To help you begin, browse this list of stunning pantry photos and organization tips.

7 Tips to Make Your Cluttered Pantry into a Storage Space You’ll Love

1. Smart Storage

See-through square and rectangular containers let you store everything from flour to pasta in plain sight without wasting any space. By making your food staples visible, you’ll instantly know what you need and avoid visits to your neighbor to “borrow” a cup of sugar.

Bonus Tips: When it comes to kids, play it safe: Only use clear, plastic containers. Also, clear containers are for a lot more than just food. From corralling kids’ crafts to wrangling rubber bands, clear containers can hold it all.

Kitchen Organization

2. Label It

Labels help eliminate the question, “Is this white stuff all-purpose flour, bread flour, or cake flour?”

Bonus Tip: Use vinyl self-adhesive labels and chalk pens for a quick-change system.

organized dry goods

3. Baskets

Baskets can conceal everything from boxes to beverages. They are functional and lend a tidy elegance to your pantry. Group like items together such as snacks, school lunch items, and baking supplies.

Bonus Tips: Put most of the ingredients for a meal in a basket and clip the recipe onto the front with a clothes pin for an easy midweek meal. In addition, keep your onions and potatoes separate because onion gasses can cause potatoes to sprout and spoil faster.

Mulberry Lane Residence

4. Customizable Storage Shelves

Make the most of your pantry with moveable shelves. These storage shelves can move up or down to accommodate the tallest bottles and the shortest jars. And with sliding pantry shelves, say goodbye to the days of shuffling items to reach that one ingredient that’s way back on the pantry shelf.

Spacious Kitchen Pantry

5. Lazy Susan Solution

Are you looking for a solution to that dead-end corner space? Deluxe Lazy Susan to the rescue! Transform every square inch into a usable storage area with the help of these spinning space savers.

The Closet Works, Inc.

6. Industrial Chic Storage

Metal storage units lend an industrial appeal to your pantry. Steel shelves have been a staple in the commercial cooking industry for years, but your home can benefit from these sturdy options too.

Bonus Tip: A cart on wheels lets you take storage wherever you need it. And if you’re low on cabinet storage, some baker’s racks come with hooks, letting you hang your utensils and pots.

Modern Farm House in Collingwood , Georgian Bay area

7. Up, Up, and Away

If your space permits, make the most of those high ceilings. All you need is a handy step stool or ladder.

Shah Pantry

In conclusion, you can enhance your pantry into a well-organized storage space by incorporating some of the helpful elements we mentioned.

If you’re ready to begin but having trouble envisioning your new pantry, we can help with that: Computer generated images will enable you to see your beautiful new pantry.

The professional design and installation team at Harrisburg Kitchen and Bath are ready to get you started on your dream home. Contact us today.

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