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8 Amazing Trends in Kitchen Design for 2019

50% of Americans entertain guests at least once a month. Whether you like to cook or entertain guests, the kitchen design in your home is very important. It’s where you can chat with friends while you prepare meals, or sit down to spend some quality time with your family. So it’s important to make sure you get it right!

Because of this, you should think about redesigning or remodeling your kitchen for a better look and feel. Below are 8 amazing trends in kitchen design for 2019 so you can get an updated look for your cooking area.[/vc_column_text]

1. A Hidden Vent

Your hood vent may give your kitchen a bit of an industrial or commercial vibe, which may not be ideal. You want your kitchen to appear homely and welcoming, not like a restaurant kitchen.

Consider having your hood concealed as part of your decor so it doesn’t draw attention from your guests. You can have it concealed within a panel that matches nearby cabinets so it blends right in with everything else.

2. Add Mirrors

Mirrors may have traditionally belonged in bedrooms and bathrooms, but no longer is that the case. They can fill in blank walls in your kitchen, plus make it seem bigger with its reflections. Mirrors can also bring in more light to your kitchen so you won’t need as much artificial lighting.

While mirrors require more cleaning in your kitchen, the payoff is worth it. If your kitchen always seems a bit dark, adding a large mirror can do the trick to make it livelier.

3. Add a Kitchen Island

If your space is limited, this may not be doable. But if you have a wide, open kitchen, consider adding a nice kitchen island in the middle.

Not only will you get more storage space with an island, but you’ll also have more room to prepare food and entertain guests. All you need to do is add a few chairs and your friends and family can sit and chat with you while you take care of business. You can even serve them little samples of what you’re cooking while they’re waiting.

4. Dark Countertops Paired with Dark Cabinets

In previous years, dark countertops were in fashion. But most kitchens paired them with lighter cabinets as a means of contrast.

For 2019, you can forget about that. The new design trend is to pair dark countertops with dark cabinets. This lets you put a modern twist on a classic look.

If you already have dark countertops or dark cabinets, then half of the remodeling is already done! All you have to do is replace the lighter one and you’re set.

5. Handmade Tiles for Your Backsplash

Sure, tiles have always been used for backsplashes, but yours are probably factory made. While tiles that commercially made are immaculate, they may lack a bit of personality.

This year, the handmade look is in. Those slight differences in each handmade tile will give your kitchen backsplash a unique look.

Put away your thoughts of perfection and go with imperfection instead. When all the tiles are joined together on your backsplash, each one’s special shape will create a pattern on the wall unlike in anyone else’s kitchen. Whether they’re all the same color or they’re mosaic, it can create an interesting look for when you cook.

Custom Tile Backsplash

6. Rose Gold

Rose gold was an immensely popular color for all types of appliances in the last few years. However, we’re not recommending you redo your kitchen in all rose gold. That may not be quite so pleasant on the eyes, especially if you’re not a huge fan of the color pink.

Instead, use it to accent certain pieces. For example, you can get a rose gold light cover or utensil holder. With little pops of rose gold all over your kitchen, it can give it some spunkiness, especially if your color theme is dark.

7. Mixed Metals

In 2018, the metal of choice was brass. It added a striking color to any kitchen, which made it instantly a favorite.

However, this star has to make way for other metals. Other metals coming into favor are pewter and copper. By putting together various metals in your kitchen, you can add some depth to the color and textures your guests find in this important room of your house.

8. Advanced Technology

Kitchen designs aren’t all about aesthetics; they’re also about functionality and making things easy for you. Most kitchens only have the typical light switches and wall plugs, but you might want to update your kitchen to be trendy with the times.

There are plenty of smart designs that fit sleekly into your kitchen. For example, there’s a wall switch where the lights are turned on and off with a wave of your hand, and many new smart kitchen features allow you to automate tasks in your kitchen or make meal prep and dishes easier!

You can also consider replacing your receptacles with ones that accommodate things like USB plugs. That way, both you and your guests can charge up your devices without having to be too far away from them. Nor will it take up a slot for the plugs.

Use These Kitchen Design Trends as Inspiration

If you’re bored with your kitchen, then let these kitchen design trends inspire you for a remodeling project! If you love to cook, then you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You shouldn’t just tolerate the space you’re in; you deserve to love preparing and cooking food in your kitchen.

So whether you’re not happy with the previous homeowner’s decision on the kitchen design, or you’ve had a change of heart, it’s worth redesigning your cooking space to be a daily haven for you.

If you’re interested in revamping your kitchen, please get in touch with us for some help on your remodeling project.


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