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8 Stunning and Inspirational Bathroom Design Ideas in 2019

Have you been considering remodeling your bathroom but don’t know where to start? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

An updated bathroom can increase the value of your home. It can also improve your mood and bring about positive feelings from the change and accomplishment you feel.

Whether you’re hoping to sell your home soon or you’re just ready for a change, we’ve got 8 stunning bathroom design ideas that will have you searching for a bathroom remodeling contractor in no time.

Keep reading to learn about this year’s hottest bathroom ideas.


1. Modern White

Minimalism and modern are in style for bathroom design this year. The style includes clean lines from rectangular shapes and all white cabinets, tub, and sink.

Pure white walls and ultra white tiles make the bathroom feel bright, airy, and spacious. We recommend a marble or tile floor in a gray-white or light gray color to increase the modern vibe.

Choose silver or stone faucets and shelving and a glass shower to complete the look.

2. Classy Black

Black has made a comeback into homes in 2019. An all-black bathroom screams speakeasy powder room and high-class.

For this look, you’ll want to go with a black mirror, cabinetry, and tub. Add a white sink to offset. If the bathroom is small, such as a half-bath, then commit to the boldness and paint your walls black too.

Lastly, add gold accents such as faucets, handles, and gold hanging light to truly give this bathroom that elegant and classy feel.

Have some fun with the flooring. Go for white and black polka dots or checkered tiling.

3. Warm Wooden Accents

Let’s face it. Natural and earthy is in right now. There’s no better way to do a natural look than to add some wood.

Wooden accents in the bathroom are beautiful with white or gray neutral colors. Opt for mirrors with wooden frames and wooden cabinetry in a natural color. Add wooden stools or shelving, and you’re set.

Be sure to choose wooded items that are more water resistant so that it lasts longer. Your contractor can help with this.

4. Bohemian Dream

If you’re late to the boho game, then don’t worry. Boho is still trending.

Mid-century design paired with modern and natural touches is what makes this bathroom design so stunning. Choose mid-century wooden cabinets with interesting handles such as leather or wooden pulls.

Mid-century shelving, side tables, or towel hangers, too, look great in a Boho space.

Pair this look with white flooring with geometric shapes, a freestanding tub, and white vessel sinks. Throw in a boho rug and some succulents, and your guests will be envious of your style.

5. Bold Tiling

If you’re really looking to make a splash, do it with bold tiling on the walls or the floors (or both!).

Be sure to design your bathroom in neutrals so that the bold tiling doesn’t clash with other parts. You want the tiling to be the central player in your new bathroom.

Trending colors for bold mosaic wall tiling this year are oceanic blues (e.g., various blues and teals) and greens.

For floors, geometric black and white tiles are getting all the rage. But another trend that is quickly catching up is pebbled flooring in earthy tones of browns and reds. This can be used for the floor and shower to make your space feel as if it’s hundreds of years old (in a good way).

6. Moroccan Style

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and enjoy a bathroom that makes you feel like you’re on vacation every time you enter it, then a Moroccan style bathroom is for you.

The Moroccan style uses unique arch shapes for the shower, doorways, and mirrors. Round bowl sinks are incorporated to match. Marble or granite in a neutral off-white is best for this style, too.

The color scheme should be completely neutral with various browns, off-whites, and brass accents. The Moroccan style should look historical and indigenous while also artistic.

Trust us, you’ll never want to leave if you go with Moroccan bathroom design.

7. Spa Inspiration

Who doesn’t want to enter their bathroom and feel like they’re in a five-star spa?

The spa feel can be achieved with mostly white or by incorporating calming blues and/or greens. Soft blue-green is a trending color this year paired with clean lines and simple shapes.

Gray and white can also bring a relaxing feel, especially if you’re looking for something more gender neutral.

For accents, stick with shiny brass faucets and cabinet handles for an upscale feel or woody/earthy accents for a more organic environment.

Be sure to include a free-standing tub to truly get the classic spa look.

Large sinks and mirrors are essential in a spa bathroom. But remember, minimal actually works best to achieve a luxury relaxing design.

8. Bold Wallpaper

Forest, woodland, or floral wallpaper in bold or bright colors can bring so much life to a room that is often undervalued. The best part–you can make a bathroom have any feel you want with wallpaper.

If you want a chic feel, then choose elaborate wallpaper with bold colors but delicate accents. If you want to escape into an artistic but classy story, use black and white forest paper.

You can choose to cover just one wall or the entire bathroom.

Add framed art or mirrors that blends in with the wallpaper color to enhance the etched quality of the bathroom. You can also use gold accents to really make the room pop.

Ready to Make Your Dream Bathroom Design Come to Life?

Whether you’re looking for a classy time capsule, a modern refresh, a spa retreat, or a bold and lively space, you can’t go wrong with these eight trending bathroom designs.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our bathroom portfolio.

We’re looking forward to doing what we do best–making your bathroom design dreams a reality.

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