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Avoid Remodeling Mistakes

Showerhead Fixtures
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Scenario: A client offers to buy some building materials for a renovation and then the contractor gets nervous about the job.


A contractor strives to avoid remodeling mistakes but also has to have certain markups in place to cover cost. If a contractor does not seem hesitant at all when this type of thing happens something is not right. So the question is why? The reasons is because the order has to be accurate and then the questions about responsibility come into question. Is it a subpar product? Is it going to arrive on site at the appropriate time? Who will move and inspect the product? What about backorders and replacement parts? What happens with the packing materials who cleans it up and disposes of it? Most importantly how is a contractor supposed to place a warranty on an item he or she never purchased?

Avoid Remodeling Mistakes Conclusion:

This is where the mark up comes in to cover those cost and give the contractor payment for his ability to use quality materials and handle all the problems that can arise on a job site.  A contractor that has no overhead or costs associated with his or her business should not be in your home. This usually means they are not insured and certified to be completing the work on your home. Be safe and don’t try to shave costs where they are crucial for the success of you project.

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