7 Essential Benefits of Home Additions

What's even better than the house you're living in right now? Answer: a bigger house. It's true, bigger isn't always better. But home additions aren't just to impress the neighbors and your friends with your home's size. There are many practical reasons to get an addition too. Let's build on 7 benefits of adding on [...]
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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Planning 101: A Definitive Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

You’ve probably heard the saying before that the kitchen is the heart of the house, and that’s absolutely true. It’s where we have family meals together, and it can be a place where you and your family can bond, laugh, and share. But when a kitchen becomes out-dated, working in it can become un-enjoyable and […]

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The importance of Color in interior design

The Essential Principles of Interior Design: A Conclusive Guide

Interior design is about more than choosing a paint color and arranging furniture. It’s about creating a fully-realized aesthetic through every individual component of a room. And if you want to use every part of your new room with purpose to your advantage, you have to understand the basic principles of interior design. Here, we’re […]

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