5 Coastal-Inspired Style Secrets

5 Coastal-Inspired Style Secrets

Bring summer into your home year-round with coastal elements.

Searching for a sunny outlook on design? Look no further than a trip to the beach. With its cool colors and relaxed vibe, there’s plenty to love about coastal-inspired design. But you don’t have to live near the shore to enjoy this light and breezy style. Join us for a tour of homes with a common feature: serene summer living every day of the year.
5 Coastal-Inspired Style Secrets

Style Secret #1: Open Floor Plan

Imagine standing on the beach. A light breeze is blowing through your hair, and you’re surrounded by an unobstructed view of sand and sea. Like the beach itself, coastal-inspired spaces should feel open and breezy. Thus, the first secret for a beach-inspired home is an expansive, uncluttered interior. Consider this kitchen/dining/living room. The space has clear sight lines and exudes a casual sophistication sure to make your guests feel right at home.

Style Secret #2: Abundant Natural Light

The next coastal-inspired style secret is abundant light. Install plenty of windows, glass doors and skylights so sunshine can flood into your home. And there’s a reason why white is the hallmark color of coastal interiors: White spreads and amplifies light. Finally, use window treatments sparingly. Something like floaty sheer panels will billow in the breeze and let light gently pass through.
sunroom breakfast nook

Style Secret #3: Casual Furniture

Wicker and distressed wood are décor staples in coastal design. The white wicker chairs in this sunroom breakfast nook transform the space into a casual place to relax with morning coffee or afternoon tea. Window seats with built-in storage add a functional component to the room. Coastal-inspired style doesn’t have to be fussy. Designer Andrea Woodall used contemporary prints in beachy tones to reference the beach theme without being clichéd.

Style Secret #4: Beachy Hues

White may be a staple in beachy interiors, but classic coastal-inspired style draws from the sand, sea, and sky. Designer Patti Vogel incorporated a tile backsplash in various shades of blue, bringing a refreshing beach feel to this chic bathroom remodel.

Style Secret #5: Subtle Accents

A beach-inspired design doesn’t have to be over the top to be effective (oars, and boats, and fish, oh my!). Evoke the shore with a sandy, neutral color palette accented with light blues and greens. Simple decorative details like throw pillows, coral sculptures, and rope accents give a nod to the look you desire without going overboard.

In conclusion, you don’t have to live by the ocean to have a coastal-inspired style in your home. With the right mix of tranquil colors, organic textures, and playful accents, you can start your beach remodel today!

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