How Kitchen Remodeling Services Can Help You Prepare for the Holidays

How Kitchen Remodeling Services Can Help You Prepare for the Holidays

Holidays are for family, but it’s also business as usual for most—including kitchen remodeling services. You’d be surprised by the amount of home renovation that gets scheduled around fall and winter. When friends and family fly in for the holidays, of course, you’re going to want to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

The bulk of holiday celebrations involve food preparation and its aftermath: assigning seating arrangements, managing sink space, maintaining dishwashing schedules, and the like. It makes sense for kitchen remodeling to be on your priority list.

How Can Your Pre-Holiday Home Benefit from the Expertise of Kitchen Remodeling Services?

The kitchen becomes the social center of the house during the holidays. Major improvements in this room will be felt and appreciated by all of your guests. After all, great spaces help create great memories. Remember, though, that the opposite may happen if your kitchen remodel experiences any delays, that’s why it’s important to get your project scheduled as early in the fall as possible.

Whether it’s as simple as rearranging pieces to provide more space, or as complicated as a full renovation, schedule holiday kitchen remodeling services as early as possible to make sure they’re completed in time for your holiday festivities.

What Kind of Renovations Can Prepare Your Kitchen for the Holidays?

Cooking for a large party is going to be challenging no matter what, but a well-stocked and well-equipped kitchen can ease many troubles. A kitchen that’s crowded, cramped and outdated can be demotivating for you and uninviting to guests that would otherwise love to help out.

Below are four remodeling suggestions for your consideration. It’s not too late to call a kitchen remodeler in your area for a quick free in-home consultation! Check out these holiday-inspired ideas.

1. Update the Walls and Flooring

Are you looking to add a bold but budget-friendly wow factor? 

The easiest and most affordable way to quickly amp up the look and feel of your home is to slap on a fresh coat of paint or change the wallpaper. Replacing laminate, hardwood or tile flooring is more involved but still a relatively hassle-free endeavor for a professional crew. These two options may only take a day or two if you leave it to a reputable kitchen remodeling company.

You may also consider changing your kitchen’s backsplash. It can act as the focal point of the room and freshen up an otherwise outdated interior style. Choose a beautiful but durable material to make a statement. If you’re taking an economical route, you may choose more affordable tile, but have them arranged in an elegant or classic pattern.

2. Let Lighting Fixtures Set the Mood

You can swap out your main lighting fixtures completely. Replacing these may seem like a daunting task, but it will rarely necessitate elaborate rewiring. You may spend more on the lighting components without having to call in a professional to help you out—if you’re skilled enough to DIY.

Functional lighting additions are another great remodeling idea. Worth noting that you need to call in home remodeling services if you need to set up another junction box or run an electrical line in a different direction.  Unless you’re an electrician, you shouldn’t do this on your own. 

Task lighting can open up previously unremarkable areas. For example: With under-the-cabinet lighting, you can add ambient light to keep guests from fumbling as they look for the right cabinet or drawer. You can also add dimmer switches to spotlights pointed at different areas to create mood lighting when needed.

3. Upgrade Appliances and Plumbing

Holiday meals are often prepared by multiple people. If it’s your first time entertaining and having your whole family over for the holidays, you may be surprised by how small your kitchen can be with more than one cook moving around. 

Consider upgrading appliances to make room. You can invest in a double-oven or a much larger fridge to accommodate large holiday parties. A larger dishwasher and a more effective garbage disposal may also be welcome additions to your kitchen.

A game-changer that some homeowners tend to overlook is a second sink. Imagine how much you could get done with a prep sink installed on your kitchen island! If there’s no room for another sink, even a faucet behind or near your stove for pot-filling could improve your kitchen workflow immensely.

4. Maximize Storage and Seating 

Kitchen remodeling services may not be needed for small but effective changes that improve storage space utilization. You can install retractable garbage bins, pullout shelves, dividers, and lazy susans easily.

Clear your countertops and organize what’s in your drawers and customized kitchen cabinets before you open your home to guests. This makes it easy for everyone to tidy up without potentially misplacing important items.

If you’ve got the budget, you can have new cabinets or a serving buffet installed to match your existing ones. The latter can act as a recognizable self-service food and drink station and keep your guests away from the cooking area. 

A designated seating area within the kitchen—such as a breakfast nook or a set of barstools on one end of an island—invites people to be a part of the holiday preparations without getting in the way of busy cooks and kitchen helpers doing prep work.

Are you looking to liven up your kitchen with a remodel for the Holiday Season? 

Home remodeling services don’t go on vacation during the holidays. The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a very busy and renovation-filled time.

Create the best holiday memories with your family in the best environment possible. If you’ve got the time and the budget to refresh and upgrade your kitchen before the holiday season in full swing, it may be worth the effort of planning out a remodeling project.  

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