How to Create the Best Home Coffee Bar

How to Create the Best Home Coffee Bar

As colder weather sets in, there’s nothing cozier than sipping a warm beverage from your favorite mug. If you’re tired of overpaying for those pricey specialty drinks, take matters into your own hands and create a home coffee bar.

You can design a coffee station that would make a barista jealous or utilize a simple nook in the corner. Either way, work with your space, budget, and most importantly, taste buds. If you need a little inspiration, we’re serving up some great coffee bar ideas. Let’s get started!

First, check out a stylish and functional home coffee station designed by one of our HKB Designers.

home coffee bar

6 Elements to DIY a Home Coffee Bar

Serving Space – From a movable bar cart, a vintage buffet, to the kitchen countertop, start your coffee station adventure by finding your serving area.

Coffee Maker – Next, you can’t have a coffee bar without the star of the show. There are numerous ways to prepare a cup of joe. Some methods take up more room than others. Be mindful of your serving space.

Vertical Storage Solutions – Hooks mounted under floating shelves pull double storage duty. Hang coffee cups and store baskets or canisters full of coffee and tea essentials for a practical, out-of-the-way decorative statement.

Drawers & Custom Cabinet Storage – Keep everything you need to make your morning coffee organized and well-stocked in one spot. This includes specialty storage for filters, sugar packets, tea, and other miscellaneous coffee supplies. You can even add organizers for K-Cups if you have a Keurig.

Small Sink – A bar sink with an instant filtered hot water faucet allows you to easily add water to your coffee pot or make tea at the perfect temperature.

Small refrigerator – Finally, a mini bar refrigerator keeps milk and flavored creamers handy as well as cold beverages when entertaining.

Coffee Bar Bottom Line

A coffee bar can provide that coffeehouse vibe in the comfort of your own home. Aside from your morning cup of joe — or whatever your cup of tea happens to be — you can also use your coffee station as a wine bar. This functional, inviting area makes entertaining much easier. It keeps your beverage necessities organized and makes your guest feel right at home.

Whichever way you decide to design your coffee bar, have fun! Collect photos from Pinterest and Houzz, note the features you like best, and finally, bring us your ideas. We’d love to help you create your home coffee bar.

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