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The Organized Home: A Guide to Home Organization

The Organized Home: A Guide to Home Organization

Living in a cluttered house is one of the most stressful things you can encounter. Tracing an item is no easy feat while correcting the existing mess can be overwhelming. The organized home is a dream that many people do not realize irrespective of the sizes of their houses.

Due to the challenges involved in keeping homes neat, some people resort to adding home storage and organization systems to their homes. This market is enormous and continuing to grow in the United States, with studies showing that it stood at $8.55 billion in 2015. Analysts project that the figure might hit the $10.3 billion mark by 2020.

So needless to say, we all want to be more organized in our homes.

Getting Started

The first thing to do is to define the number of rooms and spaces in your house. Determine which sections need reorganization. The process of restoring order in any part of your home will typically involve sorting and purging things.

This will help you to make new homes for the things you need and keep after you have new organization systems installed.

Sorting Items

Realizing the organized home begins with decluttering the house. Since you will be doing this in various rooms and sections of the home, set goals to get organized in small sections at a time.

For instance, you can dedicate a day for organizing the living room, or say two hours at a time for the kitchen.

Classify items into broad categories when dealing with rooms containing a lot of things. You can move large objects like cupboards to one side to create space.

Start the sorting process systematically, putting similar things together. For example, in the kitchen, you can start to break the items in the kitchen into several storage categories like kitchenware, small appliances, canned goods, snacks, cooking supplies, etc.

Purging Junk

Once you have sorted everything, it’s time to throw away what you don’t need. Take each category of items to a spacious place and distinguish between what is necessary from what is not.

After gathering all the junk from the group, purge it as soon as possible. Delaying can result in the trash getting mixed up with what you were to keep. Consequently, you might remain with useless items in the house or throw away valuable things.

Unnecessary items can include a broken items, something outdated or expired, or even clothes that you don't wear.

A great place to purge things that are easily stored and forgotten is the infamous "junk drawer" or an unorganized kitchen pantry.

The sorting process can be tricky for some people due to the attachment they have for some things. Such items can result in a substantial accumulation of mess in the house.

For things with sentimental value or items used occasionally, keep them in a specified place like a box with a label. Move it to some area in your home like the attic, basement, or garage for long-term storage.

Be stringent with what you choose to keep. If you have unnecessary things that are in good condition, consider donating them or dropping them at a thrift store. Retaining what you don't use is a setback to transforming your house to the organized home.

Home Organization Hacks for Various Areas

Let's look at some crucial home spaces and how you can keep them orderly.


Home kitchens can be messy since their arrangement gets disrupted every so often. Storing and locating food items in the fridge makes the appliance hard to organize. It's essential to organize foods by type and size to ensure quick retrieval.

Another issue with the kitchen is finding a place for many loose lids for your pots and pans. Given their different sizes and shapes, a cabinet organization system from manufacturers like ClosetMaid is perfect to add storage and functionality.

Finding things in a kitchen cabinet with multiple items can be frustrating. The Lazy Susan is a perfect kitchen organizer that makes different items quickly accessible with a spin. It's also easier to empty and clean than a cabinet.

Tension rods are excellent for dividing kitchen cabinets. They allow for convenience in storing and retrieving kitchenware such as baking pans and cutting boards.

Living Room

One of the most frequented spaces in a house is the living room. Have enough seats to accommodate all house occupants while leaving paths for smooth navigation. When planning its layout, ensure that there are no hitches to the natural flow of traffic.

Divide various spaces depending on their purpose. For instance, you can set an area for watching the television and a different one for socializing with guests within the room.

The key is to create zones within your living area for different objects to be stored and easily located.

Managing Your Electronics

The modern home boasts of multiple electronic appliances like flat screens, game stations, laptops, and many more. Most of them come with cables and peripherals like remote controls. If you cannot tame the electronic devices, they become disorganized and cluttered.

Mount the television at the eye level and pass the wires through a hole behind the TV cabinet. If you are dealing with a significant number of cords, use cable ties to keep them together.

Arrange books esthetically in the other compartments of the cabinet. Put remote controls and game controllers in a decorative box.

There are many products out there to help you organize your entertainment and living areas, many of them are able to be assembled and installed in a very short time. Saving you from aggravation and clutter!


The room under the bed provides ample space for keeping things like shoes. Since it's out of sight, many people tend to shove items there and neglect them. You can even forget about a prized possession that you hid there years ago.

Locating something from under the bed can be cumbersome. You have to withstand dust and deal with the darkness. Keep the area organized by storing items in closed and labeled containers.

The wall offers a lot of space that you can utilize with storage fittings or decorative objects. With a shadow box display box, you can view your favorite jewelry at a glance. An empty paint palette can also serve the purpose.

Outdated storage spaces like suitcases should not lie idle. Keep bedding material that's not in or seasonal clothing inside.

You can also look for bedroom storage and organization from a local ClosetMaid dealer who can help you design, assemble and install your new bedroom closet organization.


Sometimes it's challenging to define an ideal place for storing items like toiletries, makeup, linens, and towels. The biggest problem with all of these items that wind up in the bathroom is that they usually don't have a specific "home" or location where they belong. This leads to a cluttered bathroom counter or cabinet area.

You can create more space by purging old bathroom products

The other way to gain some traction in your bathrooms is to install new shelving and storage to make the items you do keep easier to find and more organized.

Most bathroom designs today include open shelving. This area is appropriate for bathroom towels, lotions, gels, and other essential supplies.

There are almost an endless array of options when it comes to adding organization and storage to a bathroom. Your local bathroom remodeling firm is a great place to start when looking for the installation of larger shelving and storage systems.


Let's face it, Letting clothes go is difficult for most people. You must decide the ones to release to reduce clutter in your wardrobe. Anything you don't wear for a year does not deserve to be in your collection.

Items that you use quite often should be easily accessible. Set them strategically at your eye level. Other clothes or shoes can stay in the other compartments.

Scarves can be hectic to store and locate. They get entangled with other items, and they can get damaged when pulling them out. Buy a scarf hanger or erect one yourself.

If you care about matching your outfits, consider stacking clothes of similar colors in the same pile. Henceforth, determining what matches with what will be straight-forward.

For garments that you cannot hang, ensure that you fold them neatly before placing them on your closet shelves. Stack them over each other for quick spotting.

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