Shower Remodel

Thinking of a Shower Remodel? Professionals Share Their Secrets

Are you considering a shower remodel in your home? Being able to completely renovate a space inside is an exciting and rewarding experience. You finally have the chance to make the space uniquely yours.

But when it comes to completing a proper remodel of your shower, there are some expert tips to consider. And although your designer will be there to guide you through the process, it’s helpful to have an idea of what you want before diving into the project. For a few expert tips to keep in mind while planning a shower remodel, continue reading below!

Don’t Forget Lighting

Do set aside a budget for lighting. It might not seem like an important factor to consider when remodeling your shower, but trust the experts: bathroom lighting is vital. Waterproof fixtures are available for in the shower.

This comes in handy more than you think, especially for those late-night showers when you’ve had a long day at work and want to unwind without waking up or lighting up the entire bathroom or bedroom. You should also consider placing accent lighting around the bathroom mirrors next to the shower. And if you really want to bring things up a notch, hang a chandelier from the center of the bathroom.

All are perfect touches for a newly remodeled shower.

Give it a Touch of Luxury

Let’s face it, if you’re going to remodel your shower, then you need to prepare to give it a touch of luxury. Add in some high-end hardware like a waterfall shower head and a luxurious waterfall spigot. After doing so, you’ll also want to consider matching your shower’s hardware to your sink’s hardware.

Something as small as a glorified shower spigot can make quite a difference and help give you a spa-like feel for your bathroom. Your designer will help you choose from several different styles and bring everything together.

Add in Some Colorful Finishes

Don’t be afraid to add in some color. But, do remember to stick with brighter or lighter colors as colors that are too dark can make the shower feel smaller than what it actually is. It also might be best to select color patterns and tile colors that match well with many other colors.

This is great for in the long run when you decide to switch out your towels and other bathroom decors. If you want a splash of a dark color, then you can consider using white tiles on your shower walls and then create a pattern on it using a darker color. This is a great way to add in your favorite color without overdoing it, which would make the shower look dark.

Install Bathroom Ventilation

If you want your new renovation to last for years to come, then you’ll need to install a bathroom ventilation system. This will prevent mold or mildew from building up. You can get a fan with a timer set on it that will regularly ventilate your bathroom.

You can also have one hooked up so that every time you turn on the bathroom light, the fan turns on as well. If you’re not creating a steam shower, then be sure to leave enough room between the ceiling and the glass doors for proper ventilation. It’s best to have a ventilation fan installed near the shower door for the best mold prevention.

Steam Shower Are the New Trend

Speaking of steam showers, they are the new trend for modern bathrooms. If a steam shower is your dream shower, then you should opt for fewer grout joints. The fewer grout joints that there are, the less chance you have for mold to start growing.

Another great idea is to have a shower transom installed above the steam shower door. Because steam showers are fully surrounded by the glass and the walls, there is nowhere for the moisture to go. A transom installed above the door provides a way for the shower to properly dry out.

Speak to your designer about the best way to incorporate a transom into your steam shower and where to place your ventilation fan. Bathrooms with steam showers should have larger ventilation fans, and the fans should be placed near the transom.

Every Shower Needs a Heated Floor

Whether you and your designer work towards creating a spa-like shower with waterfall features, a steam shower, or any style that you choose, every shower needs a heated floor. When putting in the time and money to remodel your shower, you should also consider adding in a heated floor because it’s a feature that you’ll use every day. Nothing is worse than coming out of a wonderfully hot shower and stepping onto a cold tile floor.

A floor heating system can also be placed under the tile in the shower’s floor. This is a luxury that you’ll appreciate in the cold mornings. The layout of the floor heating system is something that you’ll need to discuss with your designer and the professionals.

What’s Your Dream Shower Remodel Job?

If you’ve been discussing the idea of a shower remodel, then these shower-remodel secrets will come in handy. It’s essential that you have an idea of what you want your shower to look like before you dive into a project. If you’re having trouble putting together the remodel in your head, then this is where the professionals come in.

Here at Harrisburg Kitchen and Bath, we work with you all the way through from the design and into the installation. We’ll be here to take the stress of managing a project off your shoulders and ensure the job is done correctly and suited to your vision. 

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