2015 Kitchen and Bath Guide

Homeowners go rushing into a remodel without all the information and it leaves them open to fraud and abuse from the “contractors” that take advantage of people. Here in our 2015 Kitchen and Bath Guide are some basic principles to live by while going through this process.

One of your best references will be word of mouth. For years kitchen and bath guides have said word of mouth has been the best way to find reputable professionals in the remodeling industry. If possible, inspect the kitchen or bath of a friend that gave you the contractors name in the first place to see the craftsmanship and quality of the work and if it has held up well.

Get Multiple quotes- Even though it may take time and some companies wont give you a full quote with out some sort of deposit it is a good idea to try so you can get a reasonable gauge of costs and form a practical budget.

Stick to your Budget– Do not let there be room in a contract for “wiggle room”. If a sink is going to be 300.00 then don’t allow for a budget allowance or estimate. Demand a 300.00 sink so they cannot come back and adjust the price, without a change order or different model selection.

Set up a Payment Process- Most companies already have this in place. (If they don’t watch out!) A deposit of 30%-50% then 30%-40% upon usable condition and final a completion payment when the homeowner is satisfied.

The lowest price is not always the best- If a job is under bid they will try to get the cost out of you some other way or eventually start to cut corners or slack on your jobsite and move focus to another project.

Read the contract- A contract should include everything involved in a project, every bit of material, all associated costs, and a target completion date.

Permits- Permit acquisition should be done by the contractor. This proves good standing with the local offices and proves a contractor worthy of the work being done.

Insurance and License-  Ask every company for an up-to-date home improvement license and insurance policy and workers compensation policies.

Pay with a Check NOT CASH- A professional and or business will accept a check made out to a company or even a credit card may be accepted but a fee may be added for processing.

A Kitchen and Bath Guide for you to follow and help you along your construction journey! PBS Installation is the company Harrisburg Kitchen and Bath rely on for all their construction needs!


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