5 Tips to Help You Create Your Home Office

5 Tips to Help You Create Your Home OfficeThe tax deadline is next week. If you have been stressed, struggling to prepare your tax return, it’s time to find a new organizational system. A home office is the answer to your paperwork problems.

A home office provides numerous benefits. Foremost, you will be more organized. When items are stored in designated areas, your work surface will be clutter free. Paying bills, balancing the checkbook and filing paperwork are not thrilling tasks; however, they are necessary. An attractive home office takes some of the drudgery from mundane responsibilities. And completing work faster reduces stress and increases your free time for fun.

Here are five tips to help you create your home office:

1. Invest in quality furniture to compliment the décor of your home.
You will be spending considerable time in your home office; make it beautiful and user-friendly. Quality ergonomic furnishings specifically designed for the workplace provide optimum comfort to avoid stress or injury. Well-made furnishings will last through years of use.

2. Take advantage of every square inch.
Be sure to maximize the space you decide to use as your home office; utilize all horizontal and vertical space. A designer or contractor can assist you with properly measuring your area and suggesting furniture best suited for your particular needs and budget.

3. Designate work zones.
An efficient way to create your home office is to divide the area into three separate zones:

  1. work – This is the main desk surface where you manage your current task. Keep readily used items, such as writing tools and a computer, within easy reach. A large surface ensures you will have the room you need to spread out and get work done.
  2. reference – Open shelving can extend from floor to ceiling and is an ideal way to store occasionally referenced material. Closed file systems work best for long term storage of completed projects and paperwork you are required to keep, like past tax returns.
  3. supply – This is where you store extra office supplies such as paper, ink and toner, staples, etc. until you need them.

4. Conceal cords.
Technology equipment is a necessary component for any home office. You are going to want to conceal those unsightly cords and keep them tangle free. Desks specially designed for office spaces are equipped with a hole for cables. A charging station for your electronic devices is an excellent way to keep those costly items safe and fully operable.

5. Drawer dividers.
Stop searching for what your need! Color coded and labeled folders in large drawers keep important papers organized and easy to locate. Keep similar smaller supplies separated and contained in a drawer for out-of-sight easy access.

Additional benefit: Your space may qualify for the home office tax deduction. Please consult your professional tax adviser to see if you qualify for this tax benefit.

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