3 Common Home Complaints (And How to Fix Them)

3 Common Home Complaints (And How to Fix Them)

What if you love your location but feel less enthusiastic about your living space?

When you live in a picturesque, family-friendly community like Camp Hill – included in PennLive’s list of “best places to live” in Pennsylvania – it’s easy to understand why you’re not eager to move. But what if your affection for the area doesn’t extend to your own home? If this rings true for you, now may be the perfect time to address your dwelling’s downfalls and remodel.

We asked our designers to share the complaints clients bring up most frequently and how to fix the issues. You never know. One of their suggestions may turn your ho-hum house into your dream home. To get you started, here are some insights from HKB Designers Andrea Woodall and Patti Vogel.

Complaint: Kitchen is too small and feels closed off

Solution: Remove a wall. Older homes often have cramped, closed off kitchens that are short on storage, counter space, and room for guests. Knock down a wall or two and expand into a formal dining room. This creates a spacious kitchen with improved flow and gives you room for an island with seating. Just be sure to hire an experienced remodeling and design firm you can trust to ensure the job is done correctly.

Kitchen Remodel Completed

Complaint: Master suite is not a spa-like retreat

Solution: Expand into an adjacent room. Remodel your master bedroom and bath by using an existing but unused room. The result is a personalized space that fits your needs, tastes, and lifestyle. The opportunities are endless. For example, add a walk-in closet with storage options and a luxurious walk-in shower with multiple showerheads. If you’re tired of that corner tub, no problem. Many of our clients prefer a freestanding soaking tub instead. For even greater comfort, add a cozy seating area, a romantic fireplace, and heated floors in the master bath to chase away the chill on cold winter mornings.

Bathroom Remodel Completed

Complaint: The room is too dark

Solution: Use multiple lights for layers of lighting. Counting on one fixture to light an entire space – even if it’s small – can leave the space feeling too dim. Instead, you should use the four types of lighting in every room. Here’s a brief description:

  • Ambient: Overall, general lighting
  • Task: Specific lighting for a function (think reading or cooking)
  • Accent: Lighting used to highlight or decorate a space
  • Decorative: Lighting that adds personality

The four types should all be used together to create a space that not only is lit throughout but can also change as needed. Consider putting hardwired fixtures on a dimmer so you can vary the light level and mood.

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There you have it: the home complaints our designers hear most often. If you love your location but feel less enthusiastic about your home, why not get started on one of the remodeling projects above. Consider using a reputable design-build firm in Central Pa like Harrisburg Kitchen & Bath. Our team can help you navigate the entire process from design, through fixture and appliance selection, to final installation. We’re here for you!



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