custom shower doors

Custom Shower Doors: Types and Benefits

Custom shower doors are a practical way to enhance your bathroom’s design. With numerous features to choose from, there’s an enclosure for any space. Whether you’re planning or remodeling your bathroom, we’ll help you select the shower door that suits your style.

Types of Custom Shower Doors

Sliding Enclosures— Sliding doors consist of panels that slide past each other on top and bottom tracks.

Swing Doors— Swing doors open outward from a single side, and can be installed to open left or right to fit the layout of your bathroom.

Door & Panel Enclosures— Door and panel enclosures consist of stationary glass panels and a swing door. This style allows you to customize your shower enclosure to the shape of your bathroom.

custom shower doors

Basco Infinity Sliding Shower Door in Chrome

Frame Design

Framed Shower Door— A framed shower enclosure has metal around the entire structure including the door. Its finish complements your décor.

Semi-Frameless Shower Door— A semi-frameless shower enclosure has metal around the entire structure, but it doesn’t have metal around all of the door.

Frameless Custom Shower Door— A frameless shower door offers a more modern “invisible” look. This style is the optimal way to highlight a stone or tiled shower.




Master Bathroom (B-61)

Basco Celesta fixed panel on right & swing door on left – clear glass with Aquaglide Glass protection – brushed nickel trim

Benefits of Custom Shower Doors

Fit Your Style— Custom shower doors are designed, manufactured, and installed to your exact specifications. Design professionals work with you to incorporate desired features ensuring you get the shower of your dreams.

Finish Options—  There are many door frame and hardware finish options available to complement the décor and fixtures in your bathroom.

Glass Options—  Different glass patterns impact visibility and sense of space. Clear glass showcases a beautiful custom tiled shower. Frosted glass provides privacy. Textured and patterned glass provides privacy and style. Glass thickness is also a choice; frameless doors are 3/8″ or 1/2″; framed doors are 3/16″ or 1/4″.

Cleanability—  Manufacturers have developed innovative treatments to protect your custom shower doors. The factory installed coating prevents spotting, soap scum, and mineral deposits from collecting on the surface.

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  • Gregory Willard July 19, 2016  

    Our shower in our bathroom has a curtain, and my wife has really wanted us to switch to a glass one. I had no idea that you can get different frames to complement the rest of your bathroom. I always thought that they only had the shiny metal look.

    • Charlotte McMullen July 19, 2016  

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Gregory! Please stop by our showroom to get a firsthand look at the available options. We’d love to help you get the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom.

  • Lillian Schaeffer October 19, 2016  

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that frameless doors are a good way to highlight a tiled shower. My husband and I are going to be renovating our master bathroom, and I really would like to install a tiled shower. It would be nice to show that feature off, so I’ll definitely look into frameless glass to provide an unobstructed view. Thanks for the great post!

    • Charlotte McMullen October 19, 2016  

      We’re glad you found the information helpful, Lillian. If we can be of assistance when you’re ready to begin your bathroom renovation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. (717) 939-7437

  • Jade Brunet January 5, 2017  

    I did not know that there was such a selection of types of custom shower doors. It is good to know that door and panel enclosures consist of stationary glass panels and a swing door. My sister has this type of door and says that it changed the look of her bathroom and that it is easy to maintain.

  • Elsa Anderson January 9, 2017  

    I really want to redo my bathroom so that I can sell my house for a higher price when it comes time. I like how you mention that custom shower doors are designed, manufactured, and installed to your exact specifications. If I install a custom shower door, I could choose one that fits the rest of the design of my bathroom and it would probably attract a lot more prospective buyers.

  • Caden Dahl January 31, 2017  

    I like how you mentioned that semi-frameless shower doors have metal around the outside, but not around the door itself. My wife and I are going to be renovating our bathroom, and we’d like to put a glass shower in, but we’re trying to decide what type. I think it would be nice to have a metal frame, but maybe not around the door itself, so maybe we could go with a semi-frameless one.

  • Derek Dewitt July 14, 2017  

    My wife and I have been thinking about replacing our shower doors soon. Just like you mentioned, we are looking for custom glass to fit the theme of the bathroom and get tinted glass instead. I had no idea that factories also install coating that helps prevent stains and soap scum. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jorge September 13, 2017  

    Caden, great point… I too am in the same spot, currently renovating our bathroom. Semi-frameless may be the way to go.

  • Joy Butler April 8, 2018  

    I really appreciate this awesome tips on customizing shower doors! We’re done renovating our kitchen and now planning to change our shower doors in the bathrooms, I’ve just checked the images you have here and I think I would prefer a glass sliding door, thanks again!

  • Caroline Garcia June 9, 2018  

    Extremely well written about the advantages of custom shower doors. Without a doubt glass shower doors are best to keep the washrooms flawless and clean. What do you think?

  • Henry Killingsworth February 13, 2020  

    Thank you for helping me to understand that one of the advantages of frameless shower doors is that they create a modern style. My wife and I are wanting to replace the counters in our guest bathroom with white marble, and it seems like it would be a good idea for us to renovate the shower stall as well. We’ll have to find a contractor that has experience working with this kind of glass.