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7 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Look for in 2017

The new year comes with a desire to refresh yourself and your home. After consulting with our expert remodeling team, here are a few kitchen remodeling trends you can expect to see in 2017.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2017

1. Mismatched Cabinets

While there’s nothing wrong with a monochromatic kitchen, using multiple cabinet colors or styles in the same room adds personality to your home.

3 Ways to Mix and Match Kitchen Cabinets

  • Make base cabinets different from upper cabinets
  • Use a complementary paint or stain for the island
  • Choose a contrasting color for the range hood

Because picking cabinetry can be a difficult decision, it’s helpful to get professional advice. Our designers know what combinations look best together and can help you get the perfect custom kitchen.



2. Taller Upper Cabinets

Would you like your kitchen to look bigger and brighter plus increase storage space? Ditch shorter cabinets and install taller ones. Consequently, installing kitchen cabinetry all the way to the ceiling is both functionally and visually beneficial.


Traditional Kitchen with Pantry (K-83)

3. Matte Finishes

While metallics were big in 2016, next year matte finishes will be more in demand.  Matte finishes go with every texture and color and don’t clash with the rest of your decor.

3 Reasons You’ll Love Appliances with a Matte Finish

  • Coordination is easy because it complements your favorite cabinet and flooring finishes
  • Smudge-proof and resists fingerprints, so it’s simpler to keep clean
  • Warmer, low-gloss finish isn’t disruptive to the flow of your kitchen

4. Hidden Appliances

Many people are skipping standout features such as shiny stainless steel and overhead range hoods for hidden appliances that easily blend in with their home’s overall design scheme.

If you love a built-in look, there are refrigerators so shallow they line up perfectly with lower cabinets. Unique articulating hinges allow them to fully open. Integrated models can also be paneled to match surrounding cabinetry.

Traditional Kitchen with Pantry (K-83)

Traditional Kitchen with Pantry (K-83)

Also, instead of using a large range hood, modern kitchens can remain visually open with a downdraft ventilation system. Once you’re ready to cook, it pops up to ventilate the space.


5. TV in the Kitchen

Whether it’s to catch the news with your morning coffee or to follow along with your favorite cooking show, a strategically placed television is an attractive addition to kitchen remodels. In the photo below, a small TV fits nicely beneath upper cabinets.
Shaker Style Kitchen Remodel (K-86)

Shaker Style Kitchen Remodel (K-86)

6. Formal Dining Rooms

More people are choosing to keep their formal dining rooms instead of converting them into offices or media rooms. For ease of entertaining, it’s important to locate the dining space near the kitchen.

7. Pantone’s Color of the Year: Greenery

Greenery is a yellow-green shade that’s symbolic of new beginnings. You can incorporate this vibrant shade into your decor in big or small ways.

Paleface Ranch
Los Gatos Townhouse

In conclusion, from two-tone cabinetry to lively accent colors, 2017 is sure to make a stylish statement. Contact us today to discuss which kitchen remodeling trends you’d like to have in your dream home.

We want to know what you think. Please tell us which design trends you’d like in your dream home. 




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  • Paul Albrecht March 23, 2017  

    Nicely written article Charlotte!!! Hadn’t thought about mismatched cabinets but definitely see your point as to why they would be appealing. Definitely appears to add some pop & creativity to a kitchen space. Will also have to brush up on my color skills and understanding what different colors signify. Great article & some solid content adding much value. Thanks!!!

  • Leviticus Bennett March 28, 2017  

    I love the new greenery trend that you mentioned. I’m planning to renovate my home soon. I hope to include a lot of plants and neutral colors to bring out this modern look. It’s refreshing how it brings a sense of life and vitality into your home