Organize Your Home: Seven Tips to Declutter Like a Pro

Resolved to get organized this year? Accomplish your goal with these 7 tips to organize and declutter your home. Let’s get started!


1. Start Small. Pick one project to organize at a time. A frequently used area is a smart place to start. Stay focused on the task at hand. Once completed, the accomplishment will make your feel great and give you motivation to continue the process.

2. Sort First. Put items into categories: keep, toss/recycle, donate/sell. See what remains prior to buying storage solutions.

3. Group Like Together. Store items used for the same task in the same place. Makes it easier to find what you want in the future, saving time and preventing frustration.

4. Research Storage Options. Evaluate your space and get what you need to organize. Invest in quality products that will last. Protect your belongings and add value to your home.

5. Think Inside the Box. Add accessories to cabinets and drawers to keep areas neat and tidy (for example, file folders, drawer inserts, spice racks, blind corner pull-out storage kits). Our studio is a great place to explore new cabinetry storage options!

6. Shed Some Light on the Subject. Illuminate your space. It is difficult to find what you need in the dark. Proper lighting in closets, under and inside cabinets is a practical necessity.

7. Be Realistic. Make continuous effort to keep your home in order. Also, remember that your home is used by real people. Picture perfect is unrealistic. If you set up a space that works well for your needs, goal accomplished!

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