Problems during a remodel

Problems during a Remodel

Problems during a Remodel

There can be a lot of problems during a remodel project.  Some can be minor and some can be major and worst of all budget crippling. With problems comes  change orders.  A change order can be the worst thing to hear when in the midst of a remodel project. A change order can also be a good thing, if it is for example a client wanting to move a door a foot to the left to make the space more functional. This change order may cost but it is optional and beneficial.  Problems during a remodel or beneficial changes, in either case the process is that the change has to be approved by the designer. After the designer has planned the change then the contractor reviews the change it then can be resubmitted to the client to verify cost. After this process happens the work may begin. This is a good scenario but normally it is because of problems during a remodel that needs to be resolved with a change order.  Some typical issue that arise are


1. Structural- may need to hire an engineer to draw out solutions

2. Electrical – updating and breaker installation

3. Insulation issues that can lead to termites or insects

4. Water damage – usually unseen behind the walls or below bathroom or kitchen appliances

5. HVAC – venting or ducts that run to the upstairs that need to be rerouted

6. Plumbing – lines need to be updated and replaced with PVC or brought up to code

These problems add up and can get out of hand the best way to combat this is preparation. Mental and budget preparation is key. The most important thing to remember is to stay calm and know that there is a solution to every problem. Keep an open mind during your remodel and be prepared. Always discuss everything with your designer and contractor thoroughly.  – link to designer/contractor descriptions

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