Technology in the Kitchen

Technology in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Is your home ready for technology in the kitchen and bathrooms?

ios_hero  “Our kitchen is absolutely non-functional and is in dire need of renovations to make it work.”  This is one of the most common statements designers hear about client’s kitchens and baths. Today, technology is leading the way to solve this problem. Efficiency in the kitchen is the most desired aspect in the kitchen and bath remodeling process.

Technology in the kitchen and bathroom has moved into the fast lane.  Does this mean we need to be able to use our smart phones and tablets to turn on the microwave or oven?  Obviously not but we are already seeing Smart Appliances introduced into the home that give us the options we are craving.

Ovens can monitor the food inside of them and cook them to perfection. Touchscreens are able to tell you when a water filter needs to be replaced in a fridge. Dishwashers that send you a text or notification when the dishes are clean! Technology in the bathroom has made it possible to have showers and baths that now can be started on a schedule or by an app on a smartphone, so when you walk into the bathroom in the morning you’re greeted by a steamy shower ready for use.

These are all great tools to make life more leisurely and relaxing but home integration is still a work in progress. While manufactures are hesitant to invest large amounts of research and time, consumers want their appliances to talk to each other and to them. 

Some people are worried about their home being hacked into and how secure and how interconnected these networks will be in their homes with other systems such as security, lights and doors that can all be used wirelessly. There is currently no set standard or authority position in this field. Every manufacturer is in a fight for this position, so for now each manufacturer is has its own process and systems that will not be fully integrated into your homes. 

Technology is making life easier and safer in homes.  Over the next few years we will begin to see full home automation systems that we can rely on and will make our lives easier.

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