Top Kitchen Features That Will Make Your Heart Pound

Top Kitchen Features That Will Make Your Heart Pound

What’s the first room that comes to mind when you think about romance? Perhaps the master bedroom or bath? How about the kitchen? Considering the old saying, “The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach,” it’s understandable why the kitchen offers serious romantic potential.

But we’re relying on more than clichés to make our kitchen remodeling case. Research shows introducing small changes into your routine can deepen your relationship and increase happiness. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, why not pique your partner’s interest by updating the heart of your home with romantic touches.

Here are five kitchen features sure to heat up more than last night’s leftovers.


Top Kitchen Features That Will Make Your Heart Pound

Curves Ahead — Nothing exudes romance like curves, and a curvaceous kitchen is no exception. From a stylish archway leading from the kitchen into an adjoining room to a curvy kitchen faucet, your kitchen remodel can include many shapely features that don’t require caution.

Mood Lighting — When you think about romantic lighting, you probably picture a crystal chandelier, but today’s light fixtures have more to offer. From dreamy frosted glass to sleek metal lines, swoon-worthy lights come in many shapes and materials. Ultimately, be sure to put the light fixtures you choose on dimmer switches. That way, you can easily turn the lights down low any time you’re in the mood.

Red Hot or True Blue — Bold color is a popular design trend this year. Red represents passion and love; blue means trust and loyalty. Whatever shade you choose, colorful accents add pizzazz that will make you happy every time you step into the room. And there’s nothing more seductive than seeing your sweetheart smile.

Smart Home Technology — Speaking of lighting, smart light bulbs such as Philips Hue can change colors with your smartphone, tablet or voice command. Spark romance this Valentine’s Day with scenes of deep, dim reds and pinks. Or how about a little mood music? Smart speakers like Amazon Echo can stream your favorite songs all by the sound of your voice.

Wine Cooler — Wine and romance are a classic pair. Installing a wine fridge adds a cool factor to your kitchen remodel. A kitchen design pro can help you decide if a freestanding unit or something that’s specifically meant to be built-in is right for you. For the average wine consumer, check out beverage coolers that can easily accommodate nearly any type of bottle and can.


Don’t let your master bedroom and bath have all of the fun when it comes to romance. Surprise your sweetheart by setting up a free consultation with one of our professional designers to discuss your kitchen remodel.

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