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3 Ways Remodeling Services Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Home remodeling can improve the look, feel, and value of a home. Your home may be one of the most significant financial investments that you will make. Building on that investment will not only provide you with greater comfort in your living space, but a more substantial payout should you ever sell.

However, not every renovation project will yield a high ROI. By reviewing the best ways to increase your home’s value with remodeling services, you can maximize the return that you make on your home’s investment.


Remodeling Contractors vs. DIY

Hiring remodeling contractors is essential if you do not have the knowledge, experience, or equipment necessary to execute your renovation project.

While DIY projects allow you to cut costs, you may quickly find yourself in over your head. Construction and remodeling trades are considered skilled jobs for a reason.

A botched renovation can easily cost more to fix than the initial outlook on remodeling expenses. Jobs that you can tell were DIY can decrease the value of your home.

The 3 Ways Remodeling Services Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Remodeling services can substantially increase the value of your home with the right renovation project. Here are three ways that you can recoup a higher ROI.

1. Spruce up Your Kitchen with Kitchen Remodeling Services

Kitchen remodels can recoup up to 74.2 percent of investments on average. A modern, luxurious kitchen can make a home more attractive to buyers while increasing overall value.

Is your kitchen ugly or cramped? Are your countertops starting to chip or peel? What does your kitchen say about your home? Do you daydream about the perfect kitchen?

You are not alone.

Homeowners commonly renovate, remodel and improve upon their kitchens. Kitchen renovations are one of the most common large remodeling projects made on a home. Kitchen remodeling is also one of the most creative projects that you can undertake.

Your handyman for a kitchen remodel can help you explore your options based upon the layout and size of your kitchen, as well as your budget. You can also explore amazing trends in kitchen designs to find inspiration online.

2. Improve the Look of Your Bathroom with Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bathroom remodels can improve a home’s value, functionality, and overall look and feel.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry estimates that homeowners can recoup up to a 50 percent ROI on a bathroom remodel. Statistics show that adequately executed bathroom renovations can also make a home more attractive to buyers.

Bathroom renovations can be large or small. Your remodeling project could include modernization, a complete overhaul, or may target a specific part of your bathroom.

You can find inspirational bathroom design ideas online to determine the look and feel that you want your bathroom to have.

3. Add Square Footage with Basement Remodeling Services

Basement remodeling services can add square footage to a home and increase both the value and appeal of the house.

For some buyers, an unfinished basement is an opportunity for creative design. For others, it is another expense that will need to be taken care of after purchasing a home.

Finishing a basement can increase the overall square footage of your home. This provides an immense boost to your home’s value as larger homes will generally sell for more.

Depending on the layout of your basement, you may even be able to add a bathroom or bedroom to your home. Doing so could potentially further increase the ROI you gain from the renovation project.

Choosing the Perfect Renovation Projects for Your Home

It is essential that you create a plan for the types of renovations that you want to see in your home.

When hiring remodeling services, you should always:

  • Create a Budget: You must create a budget and share that budget with your contractor. Knowing your budget can help you determine the type of renovations that you need without breaking the bank. When creating a budget, it is crucial that you dedicate an additional 10 to 20 percent as projects can sometimes cost more than what was initially projected.
  • Assess Your Wants and Needs: When determining what part of your home you would like to remodel, it is important to assess your wants and needs. The more work that needs to be done, the higher the costs. Consider the materials, appliances, and other details that you might want or need before committing to a project.
  • Communicate with Your Contractor: When hiring remodeling services, it is crucial that you communicate with your contractor throughout the entire process. Having proper communication can ensure a smooth remodeling process and ensure that you enjoy the finished result.

You will be better prepared for a remodel to your home by following these simple steps.

Where Can I Find Home Remodeling Services Near Me?

No matter the project that you have in mind, our contractors can make your dreams a reality.

Not sure what type of design you are looking for? We can help. Check out our portfolio or visit one of our showrooms to find inspiration and the latest trending home improvement projects.

Do not go approach a major renovation alone. Renovations can be challenging, especially if you lack the right equipment or experience for a job.

Harrisburg Kitchen & Bath offers construction and remodeling services to homeowners within a 30-mile radius of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


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