Upgrading your bathroom to get a luxury feel

Luxury Bathroom Design: How to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

From a sleek city penthouse to a rustic farm home, your bathroom should be a beautiful oasis where you can escape from a long day.

Even if your home is older, there are plenty of ways you can get creative to transform your space from dull to a luxury bathroom.

Check out these creative ways to make your bathroom look more expensive without totally breaking the bank.

Go Bold with Wallpaper

Decades ago, wallpaper was considered a staple in decor. Over time, wallpaper lost favor with designers, but today it’s making a major comeback.

Add some luxurious wallpaper to your bathroom to give the space a pop of color and texture. If you don’t want to apply the wallpaper to the entire room, install it on one side to create a feature wall.

Choose a pattern or color scheme that exudes luxury like geometric shapes or metallic colors. This simple change will literally transform the look of your bathroom in just one short day.

Update Your Fixtures

You don’t have to do a complete remodel in order to get the look of a luxury bathroom. A switch-up of fixtures can do wonders for the overall aesthetic, and it won’t cost a fortune.

Consider changing out that old sink faucet that’s rusty and worn with something sleek like brass. Clean lines on the faucet handles will give the bathroom a modern look.

You can add matching fixture finishes to each part of your bathroom including the tub and shower handles. Many manufacturers sell entire kits so you can achieve that streamlined look you’re craving.

Try popular designs featuring matte brass or black. These new colors are all the rage in bathrooms and kitchens, and they’ll give the space an instant upgrade and an updated look.

You should consider hiring a professional plumber for this task to avoid leaks and other water-related damage.

Install a Chandelier In a Luxury Bathroom

There’s no rule that says bathroom lighting has to be boring. Change things up by replacing the standard central light with a glimmering chandelier.

Use a lighting fixture that features dripping crystals to give the bathroom a high-end touch. This quick changeout will make the bathroom feel much higher quality.

When you choose a new chandelier, just make sure that it’s rated for use in bathrooms and hire a professional electrician, so you’re safe. You can use a semi-flush mount or a dangling chandelier depending on how tall the ceilings are.

Either way, a new sparkly chandelier is sure to give the space an instant update. Pick a light that has enough bulbs so you can clearly see whenever you’re in the bathroom.

Swap Out Your Mirror

You’re probably familiar with the standard bathroom mirror that’s flat and mounts directly to the wall. Spice things up by removing that old, tired mirror and replacing it with a new one.

Try a round mirror to give the bathroom a touch of extra style and pizzazz. Mirrors with beveled edges or fun frames surrounded by sleek metal or stone will add a bit of texture to your bathing space.

If you have double sinks, install matching mirrors over each one. This quick change will give the bathroom a brand-new look without busting your budget.

Another bonus of adding new mirrors? You can easily change them again if you get tired of them in the future.

Elevate Your Storage Containers

From your favorite makeup to cotton swabs, you likely have a ton of containers sitting around in your bathroom. Make things sleeker and well organized by updating the containers to a new style.

Choose a thick tray made of gray marble where you can place things like soaps and shampoos. Clear or colored glass jars look elegant and they provide easy access to the things you need.

Steer clear of cheap organization items made of plastic. Instead, use charming canisters made of colorful ceramic or gorgeous soap dispensers crafted of thick glass.

This is an easy, inexpensive way to make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious. You can mix and match containers or choose several in a similar style.

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Update Your Bathroom Linens

If you have a ton of towels in a variety of colors that look a little worn, it’s time for an update. Swap out old, tired towels with a matching set made in a complementary color.

Look for towels and washcloths made of soft material like Egyptian cotton. Hang them neatly on your towel bars and use towels of various sizes for a layered look.

And speaking of linens, you can also update your shower curtain to something a bit more high end. Try a new shower curtain made of fabric that you can easily wash whenever you need to.

Shower curtains come in all different designs, so be sure to choose one that won’t clash with your other bathroom decor. A new shower curtain is like an instant transformation for any bathroom, and it’s super simple to do.

You can also buy a new bathroom rug set that coordinates with your towels and curtain. This will give the entire room a more cohesive look that screams quality.

Elevate Your Bathroom without Breaking Your Budget

With a few simple changes, you can make an old, tired bathroom the luxury bathroom of your dreams. Whether you add some dramatic wallpaper or switch your lighting to a chandelier, these updates will give the space a fresh, new look.

For a full bathroom remodel and other home remodeling needs, contact us today for a free consultation and check out our blog for more tips and information.

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