Kitchen Trends

Houzz did a Kitchen Trends Study. We have coinciding work that goes right along with the details that their study has brought forward! Check out this chart!

Kitchen Designs

The majority of 2014 and early 2015 kitchen trends are seen in our various remodels that have people leaning towards the shaker door style with a painted door. White is the most popular color by far for 2014 but the light colors like yellow and even light blues that might be mistaken for a gray are becoming more popular! 2015 Kitchen trends may be going toward a fun color palate that will really brighten up peoples homes! Out with the whites and in with the colors! One idea to brighten up your kitchen design would be to add a small accent element in a kitchen that can really set it apart. For example, change two symmetrically placed doors into a colored door finish and then add glass, by adding glass it will not be an over powering change. This is in a category of kitchen trends that will never go out of style. For more Kitchen Trends see our articles below.

Harrisburg Kitchen and Bath has more Kitchen design Trends for you to read and see!

We want to prepare you for problems that can make your remodeling experience a remodeling nightmare! These tips can help you avoid issues!

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